International Pigeon Events (hereinafter IPE), a company governed by Belgian law. IPE is a pigeon sale and sports event organization, which has a website (, in which the sale of pigeons is organized through a bidding system auction.
Before you can start bidding on IPE auctions, you will need to create a REGISTER account where you will need to provide your email,  address, full name and phone number. Once you are registered with an account, you will need to confirm your email. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address, and then follow the instructions in the email to activate your account. Receiving this email may take several minutes or you may have to check your spam folder !. When you finish your registration, you are ready to participate in our auctions, no later than 24 hours after confirmation by our admin. The administration may place a maximum amount that you can bid, but you can request an increase of this amount to the email
In any case if you have problems registering with IPE, please do not hesitate to contact us to email
1. Bidding steps. The purchase agreement between the IPE and the Buyer is then established at the time the IPE accepts the offer of the Buyer to purchase a pigeon, made through a binding offer to the auction site, indicating the price offered. IPE will send a confirmation email to Buyer within 48 hours of acceptance of Buyer's offer. To all additional bids, according to information made available prior to the confirmation of the offer:
- Initial bid is 50 euros.
- bid € 50 to € 200 -> 10 euros
- bid € 200 to € 500 -> 20 euros
- bid € 500 to € 1000 -> 50 euros
- bid € 1000 to € 3000 -> 100 euros
- bid higher than € 3000 -> 200 euros
2. When a paid bid ends simultaneously with an automatic pre-bid ("automatic bid") on the final value of the sale, the winner is "automatic bid" (because it was previously posted).
3. When 2 or more "automatic bids" end up in the final sales value, the winner is the first "automatic bid."
4. All bids and purchase orders are ALWAYS BINDING.
5. The auction winner is the highest bidder, as shown at the end of the auction + vat, and is registered in the bidding system of the IPE.
6. The end of the auction is the one indicated in the specific auction. If a bid is made in the last 5 minutes before the end of the auction, the closing time for this auction will be extended in 5 minutes, and so on.
7. IPE may request to a bidder a deposit  of 50% of the amount that is bidding, even before the auction ends. If the bidder fails to do so, the IPE may cancel the bidder's bids. In the event that the bidder in question did not win the highest bid in final auction, this amount will be repaid as soon as possible.

8. After winning a bid you will receive an email with a notification. Please follow all necessary steps for payment of the pigeon.
9. Both the buyer and the seller will receive an email with all the details of the auction at the end of the auction. Payment must be made within 7 days from the auction end date by online bank transfer.
Failure to pay or incomplete payment of the amount indicated on the invoice within the aforementioned deadline, and in the event that the payment notice sent by IPE for this purpose remains unresolved for a period of 10 calendar days, is a serious problem. and authorizes the extrajudicial dissolution of the contract by IPE, for breach of contract by the Buyer.
All values are always expressed in euros.
10. The following is NOT included in the purchase price mentioned above:
- Other applicable taxes and duties, such as import taxes
- Miscellaneous expenses, such as possible Buyer's bank charges
- Transport. The Buyer is responsible for transport of the pigeon. At the express and exceptional request of the Purchaser, IPE may (assist)  such transport (in the name and) at Buyer's expense. IPE reserves the right to invoice the Buyer for this handling fee.
11. Handling fee costs are ALWAYS at the buyer's expense, and may vary according to the auction.
12. The seller is responsible for the accuracy of the information delivered and displayed in relation to his / her auction.
13. The buyer agrees to pass on the information provided to him by the IPE, to the seller.
14. The seller is expressly responsible for the health and quality of the pigeons offered. IPE can not be held responsible for the health problems of any of the pigeons offered.
15. IPE excludes any form of liability arising from any defect of our site, or internet failure, or failure to access the site during any auction.
IPE-auction has authority, without giving reasons, before or during the Auction:
- to exclude a bidder from the auction
- does not recognize a bid as such and declares it invalid
- take pigeons from the auction
- suspend, resume or cancel the auction for one or more pigeons
- rectify errors in Proposals and / or allocations, without a Bidder or Seller having obtained such rights
- take other measures, in IPE opinion,
16. If there is a failure and the IPE-auctions will not be able to terminate the auction, it will be terminated on a later date to be informed by the IPE-auctions admin, and its decision will be sovereign.
17. The IPE-auction has the right to change the above term
18. Applicable law. The purchase agreement between IPE and the Buyer is governed by the Conditions & Terms. Prior general conditions, and Buyer's contrary terms and conditions shall not apply under any circumstances.
Only the Terms of Sale prepared in English language govern the purchase agreement between IPE and the Buyer. IPE is not responsible for any translation errors or deviations contained in the general conditions of sale and / or the website.
In addition, the purchase contract is governed by Belgian law, excluding the Vienna Convention, the Convention of 14 June 1974 on the Limitation Period in the International Sale of Goods (the "Limitation Convention") and the rules of private law Belgian International.
19. Jurisdiction. All disputes between the parties which result or are related to the validity, execution and / or interpretation and / or termination of the purchase agreement, including the Conditions of Sale, shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts, in particular the courts of Brussels, which have exclusive jurisdiction. IPE has the right to expressly waive this clause of jurisdiction in writing.